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Information on local A.A. Groups is viewable by opening or printing the Meeting Schedule PDF shown on the Home Page, and the Meeting Page of this website. The schedule is also available, along with all cities in Area 40 (Montana), by clicking on this link:http://www.aamontana.org

Intergroup Information:

The Intergroup is the local A.A. service office for the Flathead Valley responsible for providing all our A.A. groups and members with information needed to carry the message to anyone in the community who may have a problem with alcohol. In other parts of the country, intergroups are called central offices, but these are actually one and the same organization. The A.A. intergroup helps carry the message by publishing a meeting directory, managing the local Web site and supporting any activity that meets the need of the helping the newcomer find Alcoholics Anonymous. Intergroup business meetings are held on the last Saturday of every month at 6:30 p.m at the United Methodist Church, 117 2nd St. W., Columbia Falls.

District 91 Information:

The General Services District is the body that links all the local Alcoholics Anonymous groups together to provide a two-way communication between the group and A.A. as a whole on concerns, issues, and ideas important to A.A.’s primary purpose of carrying the message to the still-suffering alcoholic.District 91 Business Meetings are held the last Sunday of every month at 3:00 p.m, and are hosted by and at area A.A. Groups in their meeting locations. Meeting locations are updated and posted monthly on our “Calendar Page”. District 91 utilizes the Area 40 Website for information pertinent to it’s service structure and events.

Area 40 Information:

Area 40 is the A.A. service body covering most, if not all of Montana. By going to http://www.aamontana.org one can find the statewide hotline number, meeting schedules, events, documents, forms, reports, and more.

Meeting List Updates

Please send meeting list updates to information@aanwmt.org

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If so, please feel free to print a copy of the PDF File under the meetings page. We hope that you will attend our next monthly meeting to pick up the printed copies that Intergroup provides free of charge. Please send a representative to pick yours up.

Service Commitments:

AA Members interested in expressing their gratitude for recovery through service work are invited to fill positions in both Intergroup and District. Participation at Intergroup and District meetings is open to AA members. Service commitments sometimes have suggested lengths of sobriety. For more information, see our events page and come to Intergroup or District meetings, normally held on the last Saturday and Sunday of each month.


If you would like to volunteer to participate in our local Hotline, please email information@aanwmt.org or attend an Intergroup meeting.

Northwest Montana AA Hotline: (406) 257-7185

Alanon/Alateen: (406) 756-1499

Montana Statewide Toll-Free Hotline: (888) 607-2000

Intergroup By-laws:

To review the Intergroup By-laws click here.